Sep 14, 2011

My Goals

I just saw a quote "Goals are dreams in writing".  I thought to my self  "I have not set my goals down on paper" (well this isn't paper but close enough, LOL).  I  have them in my head, I know where I am headed but writing down my goals is really something that I should do as I embark on this new journey.

So here are my new goals.

1. To get into a size 10 (size 6 USA) - I have so many brand new clothes in size 10, still with the tags on, that I purchased before I tore my artery.  Since then I have packed on a whopping 18kgs (about 40 pounds) in the last 12-18 months so.  So I have my new wardrobe for when I lose the weight.

2. To come off blood pressure medication - I would really love to be medication free!

3. To have more energy - I have so little energy.

4.  To run the 4km run in the Mothers Day Classic - Up until now, I always do the 4km walk every year in the Mothers Day Classic (my blog about it here).  I have always wanted to do the 8km walk instead but next year, I am planning on being so fit that I would love to participate in the 4km run!

These are my main goals.  Yes of course I have goals/aspirations, that I want to look better, feel better, become healthier, fitter, reduce my risk of stroke, heart attack, diabetes, be a whole new me but they will all be a result if my above goals are achieved.

What are your goals?


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