Sep 21, 2011

Junk Food Ad's

Is it just me or when you are on a diet all you seem to see on TV is ad's for junk food.

I have not eaten McDonald's in over two years.  I remember when it was... it was at an airport as we were waiting for a plane.  We just grabbed the McDonald's at the airport before boarding the plane.  So this is not something that we eat often, it's not something that I ever crave, not something that I ever had a desire to eat!  Until NOW!

As I write this, there is an ad for blocks of chocolate, light fluffy chocolate filled with bubbles!  What prompted me to hop online and write this post was a McDonald's ad!  I suddenly got hungry and wanted a McFlurry or whatever it was they were advertising.  I have never had a McFlurry!  Never wanted a McFlurry.  Until now that is...  now I want a McFlurry, why?  Not because I will like the McFlurry, not because I actually want a McFlurry, it's because I am not allowed or supposed to have a McFlurry!

Now I could head out to McDonald's and get myself a McFlurry.  Nobody would know, nobody but myself.  I will not be doing that as the only person that will suffer is myself.   But I am just surprised how many ads there are on TV about food and junk food and I don't normally notice them.  Chocolate, KFC, McDonald's, Red Rooster, Hungry Jack's, Pizza, Pizza and more Pizza (Pizza Hut,  Eagle Boys, Dominos), more chocolate, ice cream, Subway.  Then the Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig comes on straight after the mouth watering KFC chicken fillet burger ad to try and sway you away from the junk in the previous ad and into their program, LOL.

There is the odd ad for apples or mandarins or bananas, but not many, it's always for junk food!  So annoying.

That's my vent for the night, thank you for listening.  I will continue to watch my show and continue to ignore those ad's for yummy looking things, that are not good for me, that never actually look like they do in the ad when you get them in the shop or restaurant anyway.

Does anybody else notice how many food ad's there are on TV?

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