Sep 12, 2012

Baggy Pants

Ok, that is a lie!  I don't have baggy pants.... YET!

Week three weigh in today.  Now for those not doing 12WBT, we started on Monday 27th and our first weigh in was Wednesday 29th.  So week one weigh in was only two days after starting.  But that was to get us to an every Wednesday weigh in.  So in two weeks and two days I have lost..... 
Drum roll please....
 4kg exactly (8.81 lbs).  I lost 1.2kgs this week which I am very happy about considering the only exercise I have been able to do is walking (see a post last week about skin cancer) and I couldn't do that for a couple of days thanks to pain.  But sticking to the 1200 calories a day is what has helped I think.

So back to the baggy pants.  Well that was a fabrication I will say, but I can definitely notice a difference in my jeans.  They were really starting to get a little tight, with an attractive muffin top.  That was one of the things that made me seek out this program.  It was either that or get a new pair of jeans.  Option 1... Spend $200 on a pair of new, larger jeans.   Option 2... Spend $200 on changing my life and doing Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation  (and ultimately having to buy an new pair of jeans, but I am happy to purchase a smaller pair, LOL).  I chose Option 2!
Anyway, there is no sign of the muffin top now which I am thrilled about and the jeans are getting a little looser.  It means I can wear tighter tops again.  As my jeans developed the muffin top.  Ok my jeans did not develop it, my stomach did.  I could no longer wear tighter tops, I had to wear baggy tops to cover the embarrassing over hang.  Now I'm back into my normal tops.  

I have a fundraiser cocktail party to go to in two and a half weeks.  If I've lost 4kgs now, another 4 or even 3 in that time will mean I'm 7kgs lighter (15.4 lbs) and surely some people will notice.  I'm quite excited about it actually, it's nice when people start to notice a change in your body shape.

Next goal, go down a jeans size!  That won't be far away!

How is everybody else going on their journey?

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