Sep 16, 2012

New Shoes

I have been having such bad shin splints I decided to get some new shoes.   So off I went to Athlete's Foot and had some shoes fitted.

Introducing you to.... Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12.  They are super comfortable and I just gave them a test run.  Walking of course thanks to the stitches in my back.  Gosh, I'll be happy to get those out out on Wednesday.  They are itching and driving me crazy and they are right in the middle of my back so I can't reach them to scratch!   Anyway back to the shoes!

My New Shoes

I would have liked them in pink!  Or some bright cute colour.  But at the shop they said I needed the right fit, not to go by pretty colours.

Anyway I am very happy with them and I guess if I had bought pink I wouldn't have been able to wear a red outfit would I?  Couldn't have my shoes clashing with my workout gear.  At least with these colours they will go with everything, LOL.

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