Sep 14, 2012

My Mind Games

I don't know how anyone else feels but sometimes, I do have negitive thoughts creeping in to this overactive mind of mine from time to time.  I do try to move past those thoughts as quickly as I can as I am generally a positive person.  I will hop on Pinterest and look at and repost positive and inspirational quotes and photos.  For those that follow me on Pinterest, I have just released my little secret...  when you see me on a reposting frenzy you will know I'm having a moment of mind games going on in my head.  I will look for others who have done it, to remind me this is possible, pop onto the 12wbt forums.

I do definitely believe this whole thing, weight issues, is a mind issue.  It's all a mind game.   I do wonder how I got here.  For 3/4's of my life I did not have a weight problem.  I exercised, played tennis, swam, skied, gym sometimes, would walk for miles.  I ate what I wanted I guess, I don't ever remember being hungry.  I'm trying to think back, how I was just 12 years ago, how I thought back then, what and why I changed, from habits I had for 30 years and how these new habits formed.   How did I get in this place and find it so hard to get out of it?  What happened in my mind that snapped into a different mindset? Such a self destructive mindset.   I really don't understand how for 30 years I had never been overweight and now I am, 12 years later!  I look at the fact I still have 20kgs to lose to get to my goal weight.  It seems so far away.  But then I have to snap out of that and not look that far ahead, just look at my goal for this challenge... 12kg, of which I have lost 4kg already.

I was looking at the most amazing, inspirational life changes the other day.  Have a look at Dee and Jayne (links are below).  Their journey, their transformations are just incredible.  The work these girls have done.  Have a look, you will be inspired.  You can not, not be inspired by these ladies.
Dee's Journey
Jaynes Journey

I look at their transformations and think how they must feel now, how proud they would be of themselves.  How proud they would be of all the work they have done to transformation their bodies, their minds and their lifestyle.   How proud their families would be of them for their amazing transformation after watching all of their hard work.  I want to feel like that.  It also makes me think... Did they feel like I do now?  They were at the beginning of their journey not so long ago, they were looking at others inspirational journeys knowing that one day that would be them.  Did Dee or Jayne ever have those moments where they thought they may not make it?  I look at Dee's before shot and that could be me now.  I really hope that I can be proud of myself one day very soon, like they would be now.  I hope that I will be able to one day inspire others like they do.  I hope that one day I can have people look at my journey and my success and make them keep going, just like those ladies do.

Dee and Jaynes journeys' were for themselves, to have a longer, happier and healthier life.  I wonder if Dee and Jayne realise just how much they do for others, by embarking on their journey.  When they started out like I am and many others are right now, did they know that their journey would be helping others change their lives.  Because they are.  I look at Dee's photo, the one with her before photo and the others along the way and I so want that for me.  I am so proud of those ladies for what they have done and I don't even know them.

I want to thank Dee and Jayne.  I want them to know that by changing their life they are helping others change theirs.  Thank you Dee and Jayne for helping me.   When I am having a weak moment I do look at your journey's and you do make me think, I can do this!  Thanks Ladies!


  1. i think it's everywhere at the moment, monnie...self doubt, low mood, a big attack of the bleh's.
    I hope it is lifting for you and you are able to find your mojo. Keep going, you are doing a great job and obviously speaking a language a lot of other people can hear.

  2. I hear you on this. 10 years ago i was strong and confident and fit and at an ideal weight. Now i wonder how that girl, who i still feel like, got inside the sad fat girl i am today. I think for too long i used my weight and feelings of self doubt and unhappiness to create a barrier between the world and me. Literally a fat barrier. I find so much inspiration in you and these women but i am still letting those negative thoughts hold me back. Thank you for putting your thoughts and feelings out there. You are an inspiration to me :)


  3. Thanks so much for your comments Alicia.

    You've had a lot of obstacles in your way health wise recently. You will get there too, when you are ready. It's certainly not easy! I can recommend this program. Lots of support, lots of yummy food, very organised.

    Thanks for following my journey xx


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