Sep 11, 2012

Weekly Shop

I have not been one to do a weekly shop in the past.  I would find that when I would do weekly a shop, I would end up wasting a lot of food a I would buy things, that I know we would like, but with no real meal or menu planned.  So I stopped doing it, I started going to the supermarket in the afternoons, on the way to or home from school pick up.  The only problem is, that if I couldn't be bothered,  we would just grab take away.  Sushi, Japanese, Pizza (always from a local Italian restaurant so it's good pizza with really fresh ingredients, but yes, it's still pizza).

I shop at a local organic supermarket so I would tend to go shopping every two or three days as they get their fresh produce in on Monday's and Thursdays. 

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My local organic grocery store.  Love the fresh produce.

But I have not been doing the three + weekly shop that I was doing! I now go to the "big supermarket" as we call it in our house (Coles, Woolies) on a Sunday to stock up on everything I need from the 12wbt weekly menu shopping list that I can't get at my local organic supermarket. Then on a Monday, I go to the "little supermarket" organic grocer. To stock up on everything else.

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My trolley of shopping for the week.

I can not tell you how much better it is doing a menu plan for the week! This has really saved me a lot of money, due to not buying random things that I think may be nice to cook, should I find a recipe and never end up doing. It has also made me a lot more organised so that I do actually cook at home, rather than racing out for some sushi.

So tip for everyone who is not following 12wbt, do up a weekly meal plan! Then shop for it! Makes things so much easier.

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