Sep 6, 2012

Menu Plan On 12WBT

I love Thursdays!

Thursdays are when the menus for the next week are released.  I sit down, print up the weeks menu planner.  Add it to my binder and cross out the meals I don't like the sound of and find something else to replace it with.  I then print up all of the recipes and add them to my binder.  I love this recipe book that we are creating on this challenge, they are recipes that are already becoming family favourites.

Once I have printed the menus, it's time to print off the week's shopping list.  I go through that and cross out the things we don't need (for the meals we don't like).  I add other things (for the meals we are replacing) and off I go to the supermarket on Sunday afternoon and do the weekly shop.

I love how easy most of these recipes are.  I am time poor.  I am often tired after working all day, so to then come home and cook dinner can be a bit of a chore in my household and take away is a regular occurrence due to this.  We do still get take away I will be honest.  Well I don't, I will use one of my already prepared meals from the 12wbt menu as my take away, but my family does love Japanese and this is our most regular take away.   But the recipes for 12wbt are SO easy!  Easy and quick to prepare and really delicious.

There was a beef and broccolini stir fry the other night.  I had it as is and my son had it with rice!  We both LOVED it!  Gobbled it down and it is now going to be a regular on our dining plan.  I have loved the lunches too.  I think my favourite has been the Beef, Horseradish and Beetroot sandwich.  I have had this many many times as it is easy for me to make in the morning and take to work with me.  Another favourite is the rice cakes with avocado, turkey and sprouts!  YUM YUM YUM.

For breakfast this morning I had an egg and bacon wrap.  It was an egg, some cooked bacon and sprouts in a mountain bread wrap.  It is SO tasty and I have had it a couple of times now (have swapped another breakfast for this one).

Now I have had some I wasn't a fan of, the Fish Stew was one of them.  I just didn't like the spice flavours,  but from the 12wbt forum comments, I seem to be the only one who didn't like it, LOL  But we all have different tastes, which is why being able to swap for another meal item is great.

Anyone thinking about doing Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation challenge and are worried about the food.  Don't be!  The food is fantastic.  Easy to prepare, easy to cook, great for time poor and the portions sizes are great!  Much larger than I expected.

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