Sep 15, 2012

Saturday Morning

I have just been and had breakfast with friends at a local restaurant.  It is kind of a Saturday tradition, we have been doing it for years.  It started with just myself.  I would take my son to golf, then go to the restaurant and have breakfast and read the paper whilst he was playing and then he would come and join me after he had finished.  Then one week my friends came and they have been coming along ever since.

My friends son has been battling cancer for a few years now and is going through chemo again at the moment, so I really enjoy catching up with them each Saturday.  They are amazing people, have been through SO much the last few years and they are such happy, kind, thoughtful, positive people.  With everything they have had to deal with over the last few years, the multiple long chemo treatments, the many many surgeries and they are still happy, thoughtful, positive people!  Yes sure they have their bad days but they are inspirational.  I am whinging because my back is sore, with a few stitches, then I see them and see my friends son and all of the surgeries he has had, the agony he has been in for years,  mine is nothing.  Makes me grateful for all I have, my health, my family, my friends.  It also makes me want to look after this body I have.  I have this mostly healthy body and I abuse it, by being overweight.

Unless it's raining, I always walk to breakfast.  It's about a 30 minute walk there and then the same home, so it's a good walk.    I had a YUMMY egg white with one egg yolk omelette.  Inside I had spinach, mushrooms, shallots and a little feta.  It was so delicious.  I was good though, I didn't eat the two slices of sour dough or the butter.

Spinach, Feta, Shallot & Mushroom Egg White Omelette

I have been having the same thing for the last couple of years (only before 12wbt I had the bread too).  You would think that I would get sick of it.  But no, I don't.  Each week, it's back for the same thing.  I love that I can get the omelette the way I like.  My omelette is not on the menu.  I just have to ask for a "Monnie Omelette" and the chef know's what it is.  Sometimes I don't even have to order, the waitress will be walking past our table and say "the usual" as she walks, we all just nod, LOL.  I have the inside ingredients raw, so they are not cooked in any oil or anything before being put into the omelette.  The heat from the egg cooks them.  I also have no salt.  I have had "no added salt" in all meals for years now, with having high blood pressure, I have always tried to live a low sodium diet as much as possible.

I have an early morning tomorrow with my son starting rowing.  I used to do rowing and that is something that I would love to do again.  It's a great workout.  It's on the must do list.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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