Sep 14, 2012

Favourite 12WBT Tip

I can't believe that we are at week three already!

One of the tips I have learnt from 12wbt (and I have picked up many, thanks to the awesome snip tips) that I am using all the time, will not be a tip you will be expecting.  I absolutely LOVE this tip.  I have been using it every single night whilst making dinner.  It is to have a rubbish bowl on the kitchen bench.  Simple I know, but it's something I have never done before.  Whenever I cook I just put rubbish on the bench, or carry some over to the sink or to the bin.  Sometimes I will have a plastic bag on the bench and put rubbish in as I chop, but I have never had a bowl, specifically for rubbish sitting there with me and now I do and I love it.  No wandering to the sink with onion skin, garlic peel, then carrot ends, then shallot ends etc.  Now I just pile them all into the bowl and empty all at once.

Gosh I am loving the food on this program.  What's also great is so is my son!  Well my son is only having the dinners.  I won't make him different food.  Well I have never made him different food, from when he first started eating he has eaten the same meals as us/me but sometimes in modified form.  I am having to modify them now but to increase calories, adding rice to his meal with the stir fry, larger portion of lasagna etc.   I thought my favourite meal was the Lasagna we had the other night.  But last night was steak with a creamy mushroom sauce!  My son actually asked me if he could lick the plate, LOL.  I did change the steak a little.   We had eye fillet steak, rather than the rump and I also added some fresh garlic to the sauce.  But it was the most delicious meal.  That will be another regular in our household!

So I have the food under control, I just have to get the exercise under control!

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