Sep 10, 2012


I seem to have been bombarded with temptations since starting 12wbt and I am thrilled to say that I have not given in once.

A few days after this challenge started on 27th August, it was my son's birthday.  Every year he takes cupcakes to school as they are not allowed to take a cake.  Too hard for the teachers to cut up arrarently.  So he put in an order for Mars Bar cupcakes, his favourite (and they are my favourite too).  He also wanted them for his party.  So a few days after starting this challenge I made a batch of 27 cupcakes and I didn't have one!   I didn't even lick my finger, or have a little chunk of mars bar as I normally do (you know the drill, one piece of mars bar for the mouth, one for the top of the cupcake and that routine continues as you chop mars bars, LOL).   Two days later I had to make another batch for the party and again, didn't have one.  Even as the other parents at the party were indulging away, I again resisted.

My Mars Bar Cupcake

What did some people give my son for a present? A Jumbo box of Cadbury Favourites! OMG!!! Oh I love Favourites!  He also got a massive block of Toblerone.  Luckily I am allergic to nuts, so the thought of Toblerone makes me ill, literally, lol.  But the Favourites are a different story!  I love those.  They are sitting at the top of the pantry, have been there for 9 days, slowly going down, but not one has been eaten by me!

The night of my son's birthday we went to my mothers for the birthday dinner.  There was home made chocolate pudding, with home made vanilla and chocolate ice cream.  I have to tell you that this is my all time favourite dessert.  It's a dessert we had as kids and is now being made for the next generation.  I again resisted the temptation!

Along came Fathers Day.  Lunch was at my house.  The lunch was easy, all very healthy but there was one request.... My famous double chocolate brownies with organic coconut ice cream.  I couldn't deny my dad his dessert request on Fathers Day, so I made it.  Again, I did not become tempted.

I can't believe it! I have not given in once!  I have to say, excuse me for tooting my own horn, but really I am very impressed with my willpower!

I have another coming up next week.  An afternoon tea for the kids at school and every class has been given something to make.  I was looking down the list.. Sushi, sandwiches, fruit platter... And I get to my sons class, and I see "cupcakes".  MORE CUPCAKES!  I said "oh for goodness sake universe, what is up with all of this torture temptation?".  I will again make cupcakes and I WILL again resist temptation!


  1. Wow! You are doing an amazing job! I am a new reader! Maybe your will power will rub off on me:)
    Cupcakes are my weakness.

  2. Thanks Aly! Cupcakes are my weakness too! I don't know how I have resisted but I have. Wasn't easy though!


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