Sep 9, 2012

Skin Cancer

Well what a couple of weeks of ups and downs this has been.

I will firstly say that I absolutely LOVE Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation challenge.  I love the food/nutrition plan, love the forums, love the whole way the program is structured.  The one thing that I have struggled with over the last week specifically is exercise.

I had a large skin cancer cut out of my back last week and have a back full of stitches, well not full, I have a long line of them.  It was a basel cell carcinoma.  It's at the top half, near my bra line, so every time I move it pulls and hurts.  Who knows how long it's been there.  It was quite large and being on my back, under my hairline, it was probably growing there for years.

So I am restricted with exercise as it can be easily pulled open.  The Dr has put a special tape over a large portion of my back, he didn't say why, but I assume it's so that I don't pull on the stitches too much.  So I am restricted with exercise for the two weeks that the stitches are in and then the Dr said I have to be even more careful for 7 to 10 days after they come out so as not to split the wound open.

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Skin Cancer removed from the centre of my back.

I have had three cut out of my back before.  All three split open and I have huge scars where this has happened so I am going to be careful so that I do not add more to the already ugly road map that has become my back.

So this week I didn't do anything for the first couple of days, then I have been walking.  It does even hurt to walk, as just moving my arms does pull and push on my upper back but I just plod along.  Well with this walking my shin splints have flared up!  I am sitting here now with ice on my right shin in particular.  The left doesn't seem to be as bad.  Shin splints are agony and they just don't seem to go away!  The more you walk or run on them, the worse they seem to get!  I've been upping my magnesium tablets, trying to stretch them, ice them and my next step.... New Shoes!  I am going to head to Athletes Foot this week and be fitted with some new shoes, this may be the problem.    As being limited to what I can do for the next two and a half weeks I need my legs to work, so I am helping that new shoes will help with the sore shins.

So how have I gone with weight loss?  Well even though I have been restricted in the exercise department I have been sticking to the eating plan, well pretty much.  There have been a few meals that I wasn't a fan of, so swapped those for other meals from the 12wbt recipe index that were similar in calories.  So we started Monday 27th August and we had our first weigh in on Wednesday 29th August.  I know, not long after the start but every Wednesday is weigh in so the first weigh in was not long after starting.  In the first weigh in I lost 1.6kgs (3.52 lbs), then last Wednesday I lost another 1.2kgs (2.64 lbs), so that is a total of 2.8kgs in the first 10 days.  I am absolutely thrilled with that.  My goal was 1kg a week for this challenge, with a total of 12 kgs.  So to have lost 2.8kgs, that is more than I was hoping for, so I am one happy little diva!

Week 3 starts tomorrow and I can't wait!

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